How I work

What can you expect from a healing session?

Our first session starts with an intake during which we discuss why you are here and what you hope to get out of the session(s). I will take you through a questionaire which looks at your family situation, illnesses you have had and what medication, if any, you are taking. As energy healing works from a holistic perspective, it is important to build up as complete a picture as possible around the factors affecting your wellbeing.

I am not a medical specialist and I will not, for example, ask you to alter your medication or give you other medical advice. If I consider that you should see a doctor then I will take it upon me to advise you of this. I will also explain to you what you can expect from the healing.

Healing in person

Following this consultation I will ask you to lie down, fully clothed, on the healing table. I will then work on your energy field with my hands on or above your body after making sure that you are comfortable and at ease on the table. Treatment usually begins with clearing, charging and balancing your aura. Thereafter I will work with a chakra, an organ or a particular energy part of your field. At the end of the healing you come gently back into the here and now and we round off the healing with a short discussion during which we can share experiences.

The number of sessions you require depends on what you come for and on the overall condition of your energy field. Sometimes one healing can be enough, but more often than not a couple of sessions are required. Together we agree the number of sessions.

Follow on sessions

When you come for a follow up session, we first reflect back on the previous session and how things have gone since then. And we discuss what you would like to focus on during this particular session. Then you receive a healing on the healing table as described above. The duration of a follow up session is 60 minutes.


Everything you share with me stays with me – I am bound by professional secrecy.