How it works

How does energy healing work?

By working on your energy field I activate and optimise your self healing potential and bring you more into contact with yourself, your feelings and your emotions.

Blocks in your energy field stop the energy flowing freely through your system. The same is true for chakras which are not functioning correctly and consequently cannot supply you with the energy that you need. Likewise, if the balance of any of your organs is out of kilter then they cannot properly do their vital work either. These types of disorders lie at the root of many illnesses and dis-eases.

These underlying energetic issues can often be successfully treated in a couple of healing sessions. An healing can be very beneficial as additional complementary support to an ongoing treatment by a doctor or medical specialist but it cannot replace such treatment.

Effects of a healing

An energetic treatment session clears, charges and balances your whole energy field. Furthermore, blockages may be removed, chakras tuned and organ function restored, to name but a few of the results of a healing. The overall effect of such healing treatments can be:

  • Improved energy flow through your body;
  • You feel better;
  • You sleep better and
  • You have more pleasure in life.

Every healing session is uniquely designed for you and your situation at the time of the healing. I work on different areas of your system during the healing session so that the underlying energetic causes of your illnesses are treated, which in turn has a tremendous effect on the overall healing process and on your general feeling of health & wellbeing.