Op afstand / Online

Online / Long distance healing

For a session it is not necessary that we are together in the same room; in fact one of us could be at the other end of the world. Healing works irrespective of distance. A treatment  where we are not in the same room is called a long distance or online healing and it works exactly the same as if we were working together in my healing practice.

Also in this case we consult directly beforehand as described above, by phone or online. Thereafter you simply lie down and relax on your bed or on a couch, having ensured that you will not be disturbed (telephone off etc.).

I work with you just as if you were present in my practice. As with the healing in person, many things can happen during the healing or you can just have a general feeling of being very relaxed. The total session lasts 60 minutes as agreed beforehand. And we have pre-scheduled how we will do the short consultation after the healing during which you can share your experiences and I can tell you what happened during the healing from my perspective.

A long distance healing is ideal for just before you undergo surgery. It can be used to provide pre-operative support to prepare your whole system for the operation; or during the operation itself to help the body to stabilise and recover much more quickly afterwards. This can have the effect that there is less nausea after the anaesthetic and much less need for pain medication.