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My name is Eddie Doolan. I am an energy healer. Welcome here!

♦ Are you looking for someone to support you energetically with one of the

• Help with a particular illness or health challenge?
• Help in alleviating (chronic) pain?
• Support around a particular medical course of action, for example,
upcoming surgery?

♦ Do you feel that you should be doing something else with your life but have
no idea what? Are you looking for someone to support you energetically in
this process?

♦ Do you feel that your creative juices are not flowing despite your best efforts?
Would you like to turn that around?

Then you have come to the right place. All of the above requests have a big energetic component with which I can help you during one or more healing sessions.


How does energy healing work?
What does a healing session with me look like?
What do I have to offer?
What does it cost?


The healing sessions either take place in person at my practice in Kimswerd in the Netherlands or at long distance if you live far away or cannot come in person for whatever reason.

If you have additional  coverage with your Dutch Health Insurance policy, your health insurance company will remunerate the costs of your sessions with me in whole or in part. For an overview of the remuneration possibilities see or ask your health insurance company.


Free introductory appointment

Would you prefer to first get to know me and check out whether we both think that this healing modality would suit you and could work for you? Then you can do that by making an appointment with me for a free 30 minute no-obligation session. I look forward to meeting you.