What I have to offer

Support for you

I offer you support by creating a sacred space in which you feel safe, grounded and welcome. You are seen and honoured as you are, without judgement; unconditionally accepted, loved and listened to. Healing starts from here.

Here are some of the qualities which characterise my healing relationship with my clients:

♦ Working from my heart

During my training as a healer I discovered my strong longing to make deep contact with my clients and to give a healing from that place. This longing has only grown stronger and clearer ever since. It is the driving force that inspires me every day to work with people and healing.

♦ Safety & security

Feeling safe & secure is important for the extent to which you can relax into the healing. It allows you to receive the healing at a deeper level and to let it work through you. People often seek me out specifically because they intuitively feel that I know from experience what it is to feel insecure and have learned how to create a feeling of safety & security in a healing.

♦ Integrity

For me integrity is an obvious quality which a healer needs to have. I firmly believe that everyone is entitled to a therapist who approaches them honestly and correctly and sees them for who they truly are.

♦ Service minded

I believe it is important that you get precisely the healing you need and the care you require. I will work with you to see how we can create that, whether it be through healings, rituals or simply listening to your story with an open heart without judgement. Or a combination of these. Or even by referring you to another therapist if that better suits your needs.